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My Bandaids

Counter reset on 7/19/02
My name is Cameron, and I collect all different kinds of Band-Aids.  You can see all of them at Cameron's Band-Aid Collection.

There is an article about me in the March 2004 edition of Owl magazine (see below).

Paul and Jill asked me what you call someone who collects Band-Aids?  They suggest "ouchiologist".  I'm not for sure about that one.  No matter what you call it or how you spell it...Band-Aids, Bandaids, or Band Aids...I call it fun.  I have about 1000 different Band-Aids (by my count, please feel free to count them yourself)!

Some of them I have bought, and others have been given to me by friends.  A special thanks go out to the Band-Aid Contributors.  If anyone has any band-aids to contribute or trade, please Contact Us.

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